The advantages at a glance

Time-saving modular design principles
Integrated cable conduits
Perfectly closing doors
Clean, unbroken outer surfaces

Achieve the perfect machine frame with just a few components – only Line XMS can do it! The high-performance machine modules offer everything that state-of-the-art mechanical engineering requires. Utilising functions such as integrated cable conduits and special seal grooves, you can build highly functional machine cabins with ease. The Line XMS system is compatible with the world of the MB Building Kit System.

Winner of the “German Design Award 2014”! 


In 2014, the German Design Council deliberated over a total of 1,900 entries to select the best 100 products from ten categories, and chose Line XMS from item.

Winner of the "iF product design award"!


Line XMS also won the international “iF product design award 2013”.

Lower development costs

Lower development costs

XMS machine modules incorporate a whole range of functions as standard. Useful features such as integrated cable conduits do not need to be designed, ordered and assembled separately. This reduces the number of different parts involved and saves on assembly labour – driving down your engineering costs.

Modular design solution

XMS machine modules help you get your completed machine ready faster, but also give you full freedom to design the right solution for your needs. Whether you want a round, square, long or compact cabin, all the modules feature smooth, easy-to-clean, unbroken outer surfaces, while minimum curve radii deliver a seamless transition between profiles.

Discover versatility

Modular design solution
All-round protection

All-round protection

The XMS machine modules come with integrated cable conduits in different sizes. Individual lines or large cable bundles can be routed safely and, if necessary, separately within the structure of the aluminium profiles. Additional cable conduits made of high-strength plastic are also easily added, while Caps can be fitted and outlets integrated to keep everything inside the machine organised and even safer.

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Easier access

The smart safety solution. The special Door Profiles in Line XMS can be used to build perfectly closing doors, hatches and maintenance openings of all sizes with ease. Integrated Lip Seals stop doors from flapping and rattling and ensure a dust-tight closure. Glazing and other panel elements can also be installed without difficulty.

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Easier access
Cleanliness ensured

Cleanliness ensured

Machine cabins built using XMS profiles help to create a clear and calm working environment. Thanks to the series-standard sealing groove, dust and dirt can’t get in or out of the enclosure. Noise levels are also significantly reduced. What’s more, the elastic Panel Fixing Profiles and series-standard unbroken outer surfaces of the aluminium profiles further improve cleanliness.

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